Legal Protection for environmental migrants: current challenges and Ways Forward


Viviane Passos GomesDiana Cristina De Medeiros Viveiros
This book describes the worrying scenario that reflects the urgency and importance of dealing with the situation of environmental migrants, especially considering that the environmental migration crisis is already greater than the migratory crisis due to war refugees. The first major problem in this environmental context is that there is no specific rule in international law to address this issue.
In the face of this problem, far from exhausting all possible solutions on the theme, this book intended to plant a seed of reflection, based on an analysis of the current legal and political context, and outlining the possible paths to follow.
New living conditions demand a paradigm shift in the human lifestyle, changing thoughts and attitudes at the individual and group level as reflected in national and international policies. It begins with the notion of conscience and interdependence. It begins, above all, with the notion of empathy and solidarity, understanding that tomorrow it may be one of us that needs this help that we are denying today.







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