Jack Ray
Most books are unreadable as doctor´s handwriting, but here is a work apparently unintimidated by the prospect of being devoured in a single sitting. Zingfactor pushes the bounds of ultra-sketchy story telling while generating bemusement and cognitive dissonance sufficient to sustain the interest of readers with higher than average IQs and very short attention spans.
Secret formulas. Remote islands. Terrorist plots. Mindboggling mazes. A cast of underachieving superheroes, sinister secret agents, bumbling detectives and incompetent terrorists. Their mission is unclear. The consequences of success are unknown. The ending is incomprehensible.
With an unsequenced timeline that shifts randomly between past, present and future, these 22 tenuously interconnected tales are disturbingly weird, arcane and surreal. Zingfactor is a tantalizing whirlwind journey of fragmented hallucination, unforgettably edgy, yet somehow redeemable, like the loss of one´s innocence… or sanity.







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