No self-love- from emotional dependence to codependence


Lola Sola
This book contains clinical cases and personal experiences of patients who learn to recover from their emotional dependence and codependence in their treatment process.

Emotional pain is harder to feel and endure than physical pain. Many people are hooked on emotional pain and drama.

Emotional dependence is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease which a large portion of our society suffers from. One of its symptoms is codependence, and there is a solution for it.

Codependence is a syndrome made up of dysfunctional behavior patterns such as perfectionism, pleasing, manipulating, need for controlling, need for approval, incapacity to take decisions, permissiveness, procrastination and victimhood among others.

Codependence entails the belief that we are incomplete. This belief turns us into people with a great need of being needed. We learn to seek love from a place of need and do whatever is necessary to get it.

Without self-love we lose our connection to life. There are only gratifications which leave us with anxiety and emptiness. When we become dependent we lose our connection to life and end up having a second-hand life.

Originally written in Spanish, this book has been translated to English and Swedish.







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