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Making sense of bullfighting

Making sense of bullfighting

Bullfighting evokes mixed feelings and many may feel hesitant to explore the subject. Whoever came up with such an idea? Surely, they could have thought of easier and safer ways to entertain themselves. Also, why fight a bull as opposed to any other animal? Why pick on the bovine species that has been so useful to man since time immemorial? What is the cultural value and significance of such an act? How can one justify inflicting pain on the bull? Furthermore, why kill the animal? Why not carry out all the acts but let the animal live at the end? What is so special and necessary about killing? What are the roots and raison d’être of the bullfighting ritual? Why do bullfighters dress up in such an ornate manner? Where does all this pageantry come from? Why don’t we see more women bullfighters? Does bullfighting have a future?

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Reza Hosseinpour

Reza Hosseinpour is a peadiatric cardiac surgeon at the Virgen del Rocio teaching hospital of the University of Seville. He left Iran as a boy with his family during the Iranian revolution. He studied and trained in England and then moved to Seville in 2006. Initially he was appalled by the idea of bullfighting and heavily critical of it. Nevertheless he eventually succumbed to pressure from colleagues and friends and agreed to see one bullfight, believing that this would give him greater credibility when condemning it. However that one event sparked an interest that became an obsession with understanding this esoteric ritualistic art. Making Sense of Bullfighting is his journey into and interpretation of the art of bullfighting. Having years of investigative and instructive experience teaching and training colleagues in his own complex profession he is able to clarify the intricacies of bullfighting in a way that infects the reader with greater curiosity about the subject, so reader beware. Although he has written many professional articles and several chapters in books, this is his first book and foray into a non-medical subject.

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