Riding the wild tiger

Raphael Nagel
Sometimes, we feel as if we were lost in a maze because life has put us to the test again. The ancient Oriental phrase _x0093_He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount_x0094_ may indicate that getting out of it can be even more potentially hazardous, whether to your health or your career. The real goal here is that there are a lot people that are scared and do not know what is really happening nowadays. Unless you work in the business field, it can be difficult to fully understand the coronavirus or COVID-19, and the real impact of the new global reality. _x0093_Riding The Wild Tiger_x0094_ provides in-depth information about the troubled world that stands in front of us and advices us on how to overcome a number of hurdles by taking the right decision at the right time. Raphael Nagel has a deep understanding of doing business in a changing world full of challenges. He has produced a must-read guide not only for entrepreneurs but also for those avid readers who love joyful books and firmly believe that the amazing world we live in must be constantly rediscovered. Are you ready to ride a wild tiger? Your quest awaits.

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