The artist of the possibilities

Jesús Lara Sotelo
Jesús Lara Sotelo´s literary work, unique and heterogeneous at the same time, showa a tireless fervor and rich inspiration. Without setting limits between amenity and greatness, his lyrical power stands out in the middle of dense forest. Concentrated and austere at times, excessive in others, he takes over himself and others in body and soul and he projects himself as he truly is, while he meditates thoroughly and thinks over and over about the earthly and cosmogonist things, perceiving in them their most active principles, so his compositions are, at the same time, and an act of creation and an act revelation in the knowledge of new lives, where all spiritual an earthly things are revealed and released. So, it seems that in this way, every moment and every place of nature are willing to welcome the invasion of his opinion, which brings about a confiscation of total condition of the man and his sorrounding, which recognizes him with great jubilation.

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