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The adventures of Nina

The adventures of Nina

In spite of the differences and obstacles, friendship could over come anything
Irene Martínez Bermudez

In the Aracena caves in Huelva, Spain, many stalactites and stalagmites had grown for many years. Among all of them, stands out the beautiful and magical stalagmite, Nina. Nina is tall, elegant, and is the treasure of Aracena. Nina is always presented by the guide as the gem of the cave, because of her human appearance which is uncanny.
One morning, a group of visitors went to visit Aracena. A girl named Kate was amongst them and she was amazed when she saw that Nina looked exactly the same as her. To her great surprise, Nina could talk… so they talked, and they decided on a secret plan. Do you think they will carry out the plan?

Características Papel

ISBN/13: 9788417715663
Número de páginas: 52
Tamaño: 150X210
Precio: 18.00€

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